Blues Brothers Soul Band

A Soul, Rhythm & Blues Tribute

Who Are These Blues Brothers??

South Florida's Real Brothers

Paul Ferretti/ Jake Elwood Blues

Phillip Ferretti/ Elwood Jake Blues

A.K.A. Johnny Friendly

    Hailing from New York Paul took to the ocean at a very early age. He spent most of his teens at sea, searching for the elusive Great White Shark (The Big Fishy) off the coast of Amity Harbor. After 10 long years of only twinkies and spam his search came to an end:

     From humble beginnings in New York Phil has tried his hand at many different vocations. Teaming up the the NYC chapter of the ghost busters Phil spent most of his youth chasing and trapping, spooks, specters and free roaming apparitions.

    Knowing that he could only be happy playing music Paul joined a traveling Mariachi Band, "El Guapo Mariachi".

     After being sued by every state, county and municipal agency in New York for destroying the top three floors of a central park high rise.

      Surviving only on jalapeno's refried beans and genuine Mexican river water he could be found touring and pruning the hedges of many small villages in Central Mexico.

 Phil left the comfort of a lush home to live with the Amish for 13 years.

Rising at dawn to feed the cows, chickens and one big PIG only to begin a long day of back breaking labor, tending the fields and clipping the toe nails of the elderly women of his new family all the while singing the blues.

     After the "Donkey" incident paul was asked to leave mexico forth with and never to return. 

      After being cast out by the Amish for using a electric toaster he returned home to reunite with his brother and the lord on a "mission from god" to bring soul music back to the people.

Paul & Danielle With Dan Aykroyd & Jim Belushi

Paul & Danielle With Dan Aykroyd & Jim Belushi

Paul And Phil with Matt "Guitar" Murphy

Hold On I'm Coming